The Henrico Interscholastic Cycling Team (Henrico MTB) is a non-profit organization / composite bike team focusing on youth mountain biking.

Being a part of a team is exciting and fun! A mountain bike team will definitely get kids on bikes..... a lot!

The Henrico MTB Team provides a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn the lifelong skills of mountain biking, improve confidence, increase fitness, make great friends, and have opportunities to give back to the community.




  • Teach an appreciation of safe mountain biking in a nurturing, competitive environment where no one sits on the bench.
  • Encourage good sportsmanship and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Support our local mountain biking infrastructure and help those that may be less fortunate.
  • Get kids moving, outside, and on their bikes!
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Race Season

The Henrico MTB Team competes in two XC style race series:

  1. Virginia High School (VAHS) MTB Series in the spring.
  2. Virginia NICA MTB Series in the fall.

Races are held around the state with competitive events categorized by gender and grade level. We encourage racing, but it is not required.

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