The Henrico Interscholastic Cycling Team (Henrico MBT) is a non-profit organization, composite bike team focusing on youth mountain biking.

Being a part of a team is exciting and fun! A mountain bike team will definitely get kids on bikes..... a lot!

The Henrico MBT provides a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn the lifelong skills of mountain biking, improve confidence, increase fitness, make great friends, and have opportunities to give back to the community.




  • Teach an appreciation of safe mountain biking in a nurturing, competitive environment; no one sits on the bench.
  • Encourage good sportsmanship & a healthy lifestyle.
  • Support local mountain biking infrastructure & help those in need.
  • Get kids moving, outside, & on their bikes.


The Henrico MBT Team competes in two XC style race series:

      1. Fall: Virginia NICA
      2. Spring: Virginia High School (VAHS)

Races are held around the state with events categorized by gender & grade level. Racing is encouraged but not required.

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