When do you practice?

Over the winter, our community Sunday rides create team cohesion, build skills, and base miles. In March, we start twice a week practices on local trails. Spring racing is April through May. Fall season starts in July, racing September through October.

What is needed to join the team?

  • Connect with the Henrico MTB Team Director, Coach Pete to express interest.
  • Meet age (and location) requirements for each race series,
  • A mountain bike, bike helmet, water bottle, spare tube, and a tire lever.
  • Henrico MTB Team jersey.
  • Waiver signed by a parent / guardian.
  • All registrations and fees for that season's particular race series as each has their own requirements.
  • Timeliness to practices and races.
  • Willingness to learn, listen, and have fun.

My child is not very “athletic” - how would he/she do in mountain biking?

Many kids have not found their niche in traditional ball sports, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t athletic - they just haven’t found a sport that appeals to them. The team is inclusive, every kid on the team gets to race - there is no “sitting the bench.” If they can finish, they will score points for the team, but it is more about accomplishing personal goals than being on the winner’s podium. If your child likes biking, they have a lifelong sport that can be enjoyed for years!

Is mountain biking safe?

Any sport has a degree of risk, but mountain biking is considered far safer than many mainstream sports. Risk management practices to minimize danger are put into place at all practices and races.

Where do you bike?

Our slice of Virginia has many awesome mountain bike trails. Team practices take place on bike trails or fire roads in our wonderful area parks; typically Forest Hill Park and Powhite Park just to name a couple. The kids get to see areas that they may not see on foot, developing a real connection to the outdoors. Races are scheduled via the VAHS series (spring) and NICA (fall) in varying beautiful locations of VA.

Will my child be riding by herself / himself?

No, students will always be riding in groups with an adult leading and sweeping during practices. During races, the coaches will not be out on the course, but there will be course marshals strategically placed throughout the course and sweepers who will follow each group of racers to make sure everyone is ok. Safety at practice and at the races is top priority!

What are the costs?

Overall, the sport of youth mountain biking is typically more cost effective than many traditional sports. The race series have their own registration fees which may vary year to year. These fees cover race insurance, event expenses, & training. There is also the cost of a team bike jersey which may also vary, but is required for race events.

Are boys and girls scored separately in the races?

Yes, boys and girls are scored separately for individual standings, but the team as a whole is co-ed. Points earned by the individuals in their respective categories are totaled and the team competes against other teams for their overall standing in the league.

How do you communicate with the team if there is foul weather or changes happen to practice / race plans?

We use Rained Out; an easy & free application for immediate group alerts. Detailed info will be shared via email through the team’s Google Group.

Do parents / guardians need to know how to ride for their child to bike on the team?

No, but we encourage you to try it. One of the best aspects of mountain biking is that, unlike many other sports, it is a sport in the whole family can participate. You can learn together!

Can parents / guardians participate and ride with their kid(s) during team practices?

Yes, we encourage parents to bike. You don’t have to be a expert rider to help out the team, but anyone participating in rides during NICA season must register with NICA, pass a background check prior, and complete NICA’s online concussion course. We encourage parents to volunteer in any capacity they are able as the team is all about volunteers - there are multiple fun volunteer opportunities outside of the actual biking as well.

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